13 Libyan Political Movements and Parties Demand Prevention Against Attempts to Derail December Elections – Al Marsad

13 Libyan political movements and parties said in a joint statement today that it is necessary to prevent all attempts to obstruct the holding of the direct Presidential and Parliamentary elections on their scheduled date 24 December 2021. They called for a full investigation to look into the methods used by obstructionists against the elections and the members who sabotaged the sessions at the last Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF).

(LIBYA, 4 July 2021) – The 13 signatories called on UNSMIL and the international community to show firmness and seriousness by imposing deterrent and prompt penalties on anyone who sought to obstruct or sabotage the holding of the elections on schedule.

The 13 parties and blocs also demanded to continue to put pressure on all foreign forces and mercenaries to leave Libyan territory urgently, and to involve the African Union and the League of Arab States in the possibility of sending teams to support and protect the upcoming elections. The following is the full text of the statement:

Statement by Political Movements and Parties
the Failure of the LPDF Geneva Sessions

We, the Libyan Political Movements and Parties, the signatories to this Communiqué, have closely followed, with the rest of the Libyan people, the proceedings of the sessions of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), which convened in Geneva for four days, from 28 June to 1 July 021, which resulted in a catastrophic failure due to the mismanagement of the sessions by the United Nations Support Mission to Libya (UNSMIL), by allowing a limited anti-elections coterie, with a scheme to obstruct holding the elections on their scheduled date, and derail the Forum from the course for which it convened, in flagrant disregard of the agreed upon Roadmap which was adopted by the UN Security Council, and welcomed by the Libyans;

We, hereby, express our deep dissatisfaction with the failure to reach consensus, during the LPDF meetings, on legislation for regulating the upcoming elections. We also denounce the fielding of new proposals that aim at postponing the elections, or backtracking on the commitment of holding them simultaneously as direct Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

In this regard, the Libyan Political Movements and Parties declare that the national forces, with the support of the United Nations, must move forward, with determination and perseverance, by taking the following proposed urgent measures:

(1) Preventing any other attempt to obstruct the holding of the direct Presidential and Parliamentary elections on their scheduled date on 24 December 2021. This can be effectively achieved by taking the following steps:

(a) Promptly releasing the findings of the UN Libya Sanctions Committee’s investigation into the flawed process that brought the incumbent Prime Minister to power (Annex No. (13) which has been withheld from the Panel’s latest report). Impunity is the basis of the calamity and the main reason for manipulating the dialogue sessions and derailing them from their course and purpose for which they were convened.

(b) Opening a comprehensive investigation to look into the methods used by the elections’ obstructionists, through which they were able to torpedo the recent Geneva sessions of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, through the fielding of proposals that violated international law and local and international consensus, and undermine the sanctity of the date set for holding the elections (24 December, 2021). The question that arises here is how that fielding was even allowed to take place?

(2) Urging the House of Representatives to issue the appropriate and necessary legislation to conduct direct Presidential and Parliamentary elections on their scheduled date of 24 December 2021, without the need for further delay or confusion.

(3) In the event that the House of Representatives is not able to activate the already available Constitutional Laws and Resolutions represented in the Seventh Constitutional Amendment and Resolution No. (5) of 2014, they will be referred to the UN Security Council for adoption during its next session. The United Nations can therefore help in imposing the holding of elections in response to the aspirations of the Libyans and the independent will of the Libyan people, which was clearly expressed through the polls conducted by the independent and impartial international opinion-assessment institutions, in which the Libyan people recorded their strong rejection of all attempts to postpone the elections carried out by a clique of beneficiaries of the continuation and perpetuation of the status quo in Libya. Imposing elections is not a violation of sovereignty, but rather a restoration of the sovereignty of the proud Libyan people, a renewal of the legitimacy of their institutions, and an abort of the schemes of the obstructing elements to stability in Libya.

(4) Demonstrating firmness and seriousness by concretely and urgently sanctioning all those who advocate or practice the obstruction of timely elections.

(5) Continuing to exert pressure on all foreign forces and mercenaries to leave Libyan territory expediently.

(6) Engaging the African Union and the League of Arab States in the possibility of sending electoral support and protection teams.

The holding of direct Presidential and Parliamentary elections on their scheduled date on 24 December 2021 is an existential issue of paramount importance to the Libyan people whose patience has run out after ten lean years in which Libyans saw nothing but procrastination, all forms of suffering and violations, abuses, and deteriorating conditions in all sectors. The Libyan people suffer from poor services, electricity outages, lack of liquidity, the collapse of the health sector, exacerbating decline in the purchasing power combined with staggering inflation, lack of security and the violation of Libya’s national sovereignty. The Libyan people have every right to choose their leaders and representatives. The United Nations and all its institutions should stand on the side of the Libyan people, and not with a conceited, corrupt, and expired ruling class.

While we look forward to the international community’s urgent support for the Libyan people, we believe in the will and determination of our people to restore their rights, and we wholeheartedly hope that it will be in a peaceful manner and without resorting to the use of violence.

God Save Libya


1 Civil Democratic Party 8 National Movement for the Constitutional State
2 Ihya Libya Movement 9 Youth for Change Movement
3 Center National Party 10 Al-Wasat Youth Movement
4 National Movement for Libya 11 Derna Women’s Union
5 Libya Elects its President Movement 12 National Will Gathering
6 December 24 Movement 13 My Homeland Party
7 Movement for the Twenty-Fourth of December  



Released on July 04, 2021