Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Welcomes New Beginning in Greek-Libyan Relations – Al Marsad

The Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding in the field of energy with Greece, especially in the field of alternative energy given Greece’s experience in the field. This signing took placed during an official visit to Tripoli and Benghazi by a high-level Greek diplomatic delegation, headed by the Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy Costas Frangogiannis. Today, Frangogiannis will be in Benghazi for the opening of the Greek consulate.

(LIBYA, 5 July 2021) – According to the media office of the LIA, the meeting discussed ways and areas of partnership between Greek companies through the “Enterprise Greece” initiative with the LIA and its subsidiaries.

The LIA also expressed its desire to study investment opportunities available in Greece, and to contribute to attracting Greek companies to invest within Libya.

For his part, Fragogiannis, expressed readiness to enter into an investment partnership with the LIA and its subsidiaries.

The Greek Deputy Foreign Minister also meetings with his Libyan counterpart, Mohamed Khalil Issa, and also with Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Ramadan Ahmed Boujenah at the Libyan Foreign Ministry. The meeting was also attended by the Greek Secretary General of International Economic Relations, Giannis Smyrlis.


The Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Ramadan Ahmed Boujenah expressed hope that there would be a new beginning in Greek-Libyan relations.

“Greece-Libya relations are not current, they are timeless,” said the Libyan deputy prime minister. Speaking about the importance of the successive visits of the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Deputy Foreign Minister of Greece to his country, he said that it means that it is a sign that Greece is interested in developing bilateral relations and that the Greek government supports the government of national unity of Libya.

Referring to the meeting with Costas Frangogiannis, he described it as very good and pointed out that “we expressed our support for the development of relations”. He also stressed the need to re-convene the Greece-Libya Joint Cooperation Committee.

Focusing on the areas that Libya wants to develop cooperation with Greece, he referred to trade, health, tourism, regional connection, the development of power stations, sea and air transport.

After the meeting, Frangogiannis and Smyrlis went to the Libyan Ministry of Health, where they met with the Libyan Minister of Health Ali Zenati.


Today, Monday, Frangogiannis will be in Benghazi for the inauguration of the Greek consulate. He will be accompanied by two Greek Members of Parliament, George Koumoutsakos, Chairman of the Greek-Libyan parliamentary friendship committee, and George Katrougalos, former foreign minister of the previous government, vice-chairman of the same parliamentary committee.

The newly appointed Consul General to head the mission in Benghazi is Achilles Rakinas.

According to Greek media, the reopening of the Greek embassy in Tripoli and today of the consulate in Benghazi, Greece demonstrates its desire to take an active part in its reconstruction and to develop its bilateral relations with Libya.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis had said during the official reopening ceremony of the Greek embassy in Tripoli in early April: “Two strong arms will be formed to bridge any differences that existed in the past between the two states, but also to build new bonds of cooperation and common progress.”