Aguila Salah: Turkish Forces and Their Mercenaries Have to Leave; MOUs Signed with Sarraj Are Illegal – Al Marsad

In an extensive interview to the leading Greek newspaper Kathimerini, the Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives, Chancellor Aguila Saleh, who was recently in Athens on an official visit, said that MOU signed between the government of Fayez al-Sarraj and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan was null and void, and that it was imperative for Turkish and all other foreign troops and mercenaries to exit Libya.

(LIBYA, 7 July 2021) –  In an interview with Kathimerini, Chancellor Aguila Saleh urged Greek entrepreneurs to invest in the country, assuring them that the new government would adhere to all its obligations to Greek and foreign investors.

Nikos Dendias to Aguila Saleh: Greece Supports Libya’s December Elections

He appreciated Greece’s assistance in the resolution of the Libyan crisis and support “of a legal legislative power” in Libya. According to Saleh, at Berlin II there was “unanimous agreement to remove all foreign troops and missionaries, as well as to hold presidential and parliamentary elections on 24 December.”

Aguila Saleh to Dendias: MOUs Signed by Sarraj with Turkey Are Illegal According to Libya’s Parliament

“We support this and we have secured the constitutional foundation for the holding of the elections. The Libyan people will choose their president, and on the same day will elect its representatives for the House,” said Saleh. He pointed out the the Libyan Electoral Commission (HNEC) has already begun registering citizens with the right to vote.

On the question of Turkey refusing to comply with Berlin II, and insisting that their forces are in Libya through a formal agreement with the GNA, Saleh responded that Libyans “do not accept the presence of any foreign military powers or bases in Libya.” He said the entity that made the agreement with Turkey—the Government of National Accord led by Fayez al-Sarraj— “was not elected by the Libyan people and never received a vote of confidence from the House.”

Chancellor Saleh said the GNA “was an illegal, unconstitutional government, forced upon us by the international community without the consideration of the citizens.” And the agreement the GNA made with Turkey “has not been ratified by the House of Representatives and is thus unconstitutional and null.” “We have communicated this to the secretary-general of the UN,” said the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament.

And he confirmed that this verdict pertains to both the security and the maritime delimitation agreements signed by Turkey—all illegal and null and void.

Asked if the upcoming December elections are depended on the exit of foreign forces from Libya and the establishment of a unified security force, he said that “the creation of a unified army requires an elected, legitimate president who will be able to proceed with this unification.” He explained that the Libyan people want the elections and whoever attempts to prevent this will suffer international sanctions.

With regards to relations between Libya and Greece, given renewed diplomacy by both sides and the opening of the Greek Embassy in Tripoli and the Greek Consulate General in Benghazi, Chancellor Saleh said both countries have always been good neighbours towards one another. He said that in the House of Representatives they had already formed a Greek-Libyan Friendship Committee. “Our aim is to render the Mediterranean a lake of peace, an area of trade, instead of a battlefield for the big powers or for neighboring states,” said Saleh.

Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Opens Consulate General of Greece in Benghazi

He added: “Whoever visits Libya will see artifacts of ancient Greek civilization in Cyrenaica and Apollonia. This was a rich civilization, in political thought, in philosophy, in art, all embraced by the Libyan people. We want there to be an open line for dialogue between the Hellenic Parliament and our House of Representatives. At the same time we want Greek entrepreneurs to come to Libya. Once our country is stable, with the help of God, it will be a fertile land for business, especially in the area of construction.”


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