Libyan Political Movements and Parties Call For End of LPDF Mandate, and Urgent Issuance of Election Law – Al Marsad

A consortium of Libyan political movements and parties issued a joint statement for the press today urging UNSMIL to end the “mandate of the incumbent LPDF Committee”, and urgently issue the necessary law for direct Presidential elections.

(LIBYA, 11 July 2021) – The joint statement was signed by Civil Democratic Party, Ihya Libya Movement, National Will Movement, National Movement for Libya, Youth for Change Movement, National Movement for Democratization, December 24 Movement, Libya Elects its President Movement, and the Derna Women’s Union.

AlMarsad publishes here the full translation of the original joint statement:

Press Briefing by Political Movements and Parties
on the Recent Developments of the LPDF Geneva Sessions

As the Political Movements and Parties, participating in this Press Briefing, closely followed the failure of the Committee of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), that was held in Geneva, to reach consensus on the constitutional rule, and the flagrant attempts that occurred in the LPDF sessions to disrupt the direct Presidential and Parliamentary elections, and circumvent the agreed-upon Roadmap which was welcomed by the Security Council, the international community, and the Libyan people; and the circulated information regarding bribery investigated by the UN Mission, and for fear of further deviation from the provisions of the Roadmap, the Political Movements and Parties participating in this Press Briefing, hereby, express the following:

First: We extend our sincere thanks to H.E. the Secretary-General of the United Nations, H.E. the SGSR and Head of UNSMIL, and the respected team of the UNSMIL for the keenness they showed in implementing the Roadmap and their exerted efforts to fulfil the outputs of the Berlin I and II Conferences. We also extend our sincere thanks to the Swiss Government for its cooperation and contribution to host the LPDF meetings in Switzerland.

Second: We highly appreciate the political and diplomatic efforts of the countries committed to implementing the outputs of the Berlin process and their keenness to hold the direct Presidential and Parliamentary elections on time, on 24 December 2021.

Third: We have previously announced our welcome to the Roadmap and the Executive Authority represented in an Interim Presidential Council and an Interim Government of National Unity; both emanated from the Forum. While stressing the importance of adhering to the Roadmap, we demand announcing the end of the mandate of the incumbent LPDF Committee, and we demand the expeditious issuance of the required legislation and the law of direct Presidential elections.

Fourth: We applaud the efforts of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) and demand support and assistance for it.

God Save Libya


1 Civil Democratic Party 8 Libya Elects its President Movement
2 Ihya Libya Movement 9 Derna Women’s Union
3 National Will Movement  
4 National Movement for Libya  
5 Youth for Change Movement  
6 National Movement for Democratization  
7 December 24 Movement  

Released on 11 July 2021