Khaled al-Mishri Says Tunisian President’s Measures Are a “Coup” – Al Marsad

The head of the advisory State Council, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Khaled al-Mishri, announced last night his rejection of what he considered as a “coup” against the elected bodies, in his response to the decisions announced by Tunisian President Kais Saied to save the Tunisian state.

(LIBYA, 26 July 2021) – Khaled al-Mishri said in his post on Twitter alluded to the events of last night to be similar to Libya 2014: “February 14, 2014 coup by General Khalifa Haftar, and July 25, 2021 coup of Kais Saeed.”

He added, “We reject coups against elected bodies and disruption of democratic paths.”

Kais Saeed announced on Sunday evening, after an emergency meeting with military and security leaders, decided to freeze the Parliament, lifts immunity from its members, relieves Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi of his duties, sacks the government, and assigns the Public Prosecution Office to investigate their crimes.