Political Parties and Blocs Call for a Direct Presidential and Parliamentary Elections on 24 December – Al Marsad

Thirteen Libyan political blocs and parties urge the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Chancellor Aguila Saleh, and the Head of the High Elections Commission, Emad al-Sayeh, who are meeting in Rome, to hold direct Presidential and Parliamentary elections on 24 December 2021. It urged the participants at the Rome meeting to save “the country from the clutches of a clique of looters, thieves and corrupt people.”

(LIBYA, 27 July 2021) – A consortium of 13 Libya Political blocs and parties issued a joint letter in which they expressed the importance of avoiding any further delay in presenting the constitutional rule and election laws, because the “elections are a very urgent necessity to extricate the country from the crisis it is going through.”

AlMarsad publishes here the English translation of the joint letter in full:

National Political Movements and Parties’ Letter to the Participants
in the Rome Meeting on the Legal Framework for Libya’s Upcoming
General Elections in December 2021

Distinguished Participants at the Meeting Held in the Italian Republic,

Further to our best greetings,

We hoped that the controversy over the constitutional rule would have been resolved by now, and that we are all closer to agreeing on the idea that the Seventh Amendment to the Constitutional Declaration, included in the February Commission Proposals document, in its entirety, could be a constitutional rule on the basis of which the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections are held, to directly elect two authorities, Executive and Legislative, by the people, especially since the vast majority of the Libyan people have a national consensus on electing the Head of State through the ballot boxes, in implementation of Resolution No. (5) of the year 2014, issued by the Libyan House of Representatives.

Given the importance of the time element and the state of unjustified delay in presenting the constitutional rule and election laws, and because elections are a very urgent necessity to extricate the country from the crisis it is going through, and since democratic practice requires the presence of robust political parties and not fragile entities that do not have representation in all parts of the country and will not produce national parliamentary blocs that can perform their role under the Parliament’s dome; therefore, we suggest the following:

(1) Holding the direct Presidential and Legislative elections on 24 December 2021.

(2) Acceptance of holding these elections along the lines of the General National Congress (GNC) election law in terms of the number of electoral districts and seats allocated to each constituency. The time is not appropriate to change the structure of constituencies and seats at this sensitive stage, which may face opposition from several regions and cities, provided that the seats allocated to party lists are not less than two-thirds, and one-third for individual list seats. We believe that what was leaked about increasing the number of members of the Parliament to 240 members will perpetuate the same crisis situation that the country has reached since the GNC and House of Representatives’ elections.

(3) The mandate of the House of Representatives is for a non-renewable four-year term from the date of its first meeting.

We think that the adoption of these points will guarantee us a Parliament that puts the interest of the country above all interests. As for the electoral individual list system or the fragile entities, which in fact gives the opportunity to empower any utilitarian group, whether armed or has corrupt money, to reach the membership of this important body in the political process, which will drastically perpetuate the continued suffering of the Libyan people and the theft of their capabilities.

Political parties have an important role in consolidating the democratization process and working on political programs that the country desperately needs. Let us work together to achieve what the Libyan people aspire to in order to save the country from the clutches of a clique of looters, thieves and corrupt people.

God Save Libya


1 National Forces Alliance 8 National Movement for Libya
2 Civil Democratic Party 9 National Movement Towards Constitutional State
3 National Will Movement 10 Ihya Libya Movement
4 Center National Movement 11 Derna Women’s Union
5 National Movement for Democratization 12 Libyan Network for Supporting and Empowering Women
6 Youth Tomorrow Party 13 Libya Elects its President Movement
7 Al-Wasat Youth Movement  

Issued on 27 July 2021