Fly Sky Transports Two Million Doses of Vaccine and Oxygen to Tripoli from the UAE – Al Marsad

(LIBYA, 2 August 2021) – Fly Sky Cargo Company announced today the implementation of successful flights to transport a huge shipment of vaccines provided by the United Arab Emirates to Libya via the capital, Tripoli, in addition to equipment to Misrata, and before that to Benghazi, as part of the urgent needs to confront the epidemic.

2 August shipmen of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine

(LIBYA, 2 August 2021) – The Fly Sky Cargo Company published photos of the loading of tightly closed shipment in refrigerated boxes on its giant cargo plane, Ilyushin 76, from the UAE to Mitiga Airport. It carried one million and two hundred thousand doses of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, expressing their pride for assisting in the global efforts to combat the epidemic.

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The company also published pictures of another successful transfer of oxygen cylinders that were also shipped yesterday from the UAE to the city of Misrata, which recorded the highest rate of injuries after the capital, Tripoli—in light of the severe shortage faced by the various isolation centres in the supply of oxygen gas.

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The company had also carried out a flight to transport a shipment of the Sputnik vaccine from the UAE to Benghazi on 2 May.

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The Muslim Brotherhood media, which tracked the flight at that time, claimed that the Fly Sky flight was transporting weapons. This was denied by the company denied, and to prove it they published pictures of the arrival of the vaccine.

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Flu Sky began transporting vaccine doses to Libya last on 4 May, when it transported nearly half a million doses to Tripoli from the UAE, including cold boxes for internal transport. The company requested one of the foreign bloggers who claims to follow Libyan affairs to stop publishing false news about the shipment.

4 April 4 shipment of the Sputnik vaccine from the UAE to Tripoli

Another 800,000 doses of Sinopharm are likely to arrive in Tripoli tomorrow, bringing the total number of vaccines arriving from the UAE to Libya to nearly 3 million doses, in addition to another requested submitted to the COVAX initiative of the United Nations.

The Minister of Health of the interim Government of National Unity (GNU), Ali al-Zanati, who receiving the shipment today at Mitiga Airport, announced that the ministry will open 432 new vaccination centers in Libya and expand the vaccination campaign. He praised the personal efforts of the Prime Minister “with friendly countries to bring the vaccine.”

Strangely enough, the GNU media team, which is supervised by the controversial Islamist Walid al-Lafi, who connected to the Islamist February and Salam channels, made no mention in their official posts that the Sinopharm vaccines cargo came from the UAE.