The NFSL After Allegations of Impropriety Says It Seeks to Establish a Civil State – Al Marsad

The National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL), headed by Mohamed al-Magariaf, said there was a campaign of “lies and allegations” targeting it, after the recent media attention that has followed two of his party members: Mohamed Ali Abdullah al-Darrat, and Salem Gnan. The first, al-Darrat, bought a luxury villa in the US months after heading the Libyan Foreign Bank (LFB); and the second, Gnan, was involved in a case where some members of the mini-football team were prevented from traveling to Italy to receive treatments for malaria.

(LIBYA, 9 August 2021) – The statement this week by the NSFL pointed out that well-known figures and media outlets have been repeating what it described as “allegations and lies.” The NFSL accused certain parties and particular writers of participating in a smear campaign, which it described as “prejudicial.”


The statement continued: “The party knows the objectives and the parties who are behind this campaign who try to hide behind unknown pages. The party is fully confident that these allegations do not deceive anyone, and we deny the allegations that the party exerted pressure to stop the investigation into the air ambulance accident.”

It added: “The NFSL is seeking to establish a civil state that establishes truth and justice, and it was confident in the freedom and independence of the judiciary and the necessity of non-interference in its work, in particular the continuation of its investigation into this incident.”

The party also affirmed that it reserves the right to take the necessary measures against the promoters of these allegations, including legal recourse.



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