Lavrov: We Support the Withdrawal of All Foreign Military Personnel from Libyan Territory – Al Marsad

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced today that Moscow supports the withdrawal of all foreign forces and military personnel, without exception, from all Libyan territory as detailed by the 5+5 Joint Military Committee. He said that Turkey seems to have a different reading of the Berlin II outputs.

(LIBYA, 19 August 2021 – Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, in a joint conference with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the interim Government of National Unity (GNU), Najla al-Mangoush, said today, Thursday: “We have seen a different reading by Turkey of the outputs of Berlin II and the meetings of the 5+5 Joint Military Committee that stress the need for the urgent withdrawal of all forces from the Libyan territory.”

He added: “We saw the request sent to the Libyan government in Tripoli to provide military assistance to the western region, and at the same time the request by the Tobruk parliament, and as a result we noticed a kind of balance in the military efforts that led to a ceasefire on all Libyan lands.”

He pointed out that the withdrawal of foreign forces should be gradual and simultaneous, without any bias to any party whatsoever, and not the subject of legitimacy of any party.

He reiterated the Russian Federation’s support for the decisions taken within the framework of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission, including the decisions taken at its meeting five days ago, on the necessity of the urgent withdrawal of all foreign military personnel without exception from the territory of Libya.

Lavroc said: “The Minister informed us that the Libyan leadership is now forming a consultative mechanism and a consultative process to establish specific criteria for implementing the decisions of the withdrawal of all foreign military personnel, and we will be ready, along with other countries, to participate in this work.”

He also stressed the resumption of economic cooperation with Libya, which was halted as a result he said of NATO’s aggression, adding: “The Libyan partners informed us of the timeline of the political process, including the preparation for the general elections at the end of this year.”

He said it was agreed with al-Mangoush that it was necessary to expedite the approval of the constitutional basis for the election process and to complete it as soon as possible.

And he added: “We agreed on the need to expand the mechanism of consultations at the level of the two foreign ministries to exchange views and discuss the crisis situation in the Middle East and North Africa, based on previous experiences in such consultations.”

Lavrov concluded by saying: “I am sure that al-Mangoush’s visit will enhance bilateral relations in more than one field, in addition to cooperation in the humanitarian, educational and cultural sectors.”