Leaked Document from Interpol Reveals Presence of 100 Terrorists at Al-Watiya Plotting to Infiltrate Tunisia – Al Marsad

A leaked document from the Libyan Ministry of Interior revealed that the head of the Arab International Criminal Police had written to the ministry stating that he had been notified, according to a telegram from the Tunisian Interpol, that they had information about the intention of 100 Tunisian terrorists present at Al-Watiya Air Base, to infiltrate Tunisia through the Tunisian-Libyan border to carry out acts of sabotage and terror.

(LIBYA, 22 August 2021) – A high-ranking source at the Libyan Interior Ministry confirmed to Al-Marsad the authenticity of the leaked document on the Tunisian Interpol correspondent regarding the terrorist elements at Al-Watiya airbase, which is currently controlled by Turkish occupation forces.

The source stated that there was pressure on the Minister of Interior of the interim Government of National Unity (GNU), Khaled Mazen, to deny the authenticity of the document, but it had already been circulated to several parties in western Libya.

The source told AlMarsad: “As the Ministry of Interior we do not know what is inside al-Watiya airbase, and the Libyan military authorities are also missing information.

The source added: “We link the speech of President Kais Saied yesterday on an assassination attempt and Tunisia‘s sudden announcement of canceling or revising its economic agreement with Turkey, and what was stated in the letter of the Tunisian office of the Interpol.”

The document indicates that Khaled Mazen addressed the head of the Criminal Investigation Agency, the director of the General Department of Security Operations, the Director of the General Department of Central Support, the security directors of Zuwara, the Western Sahel, Ajaylat, and the director of the Information and Security Follow-up Office to inform them of the information received.

Khaled Mazen said in letter: “The head of the Arab International Criminal Police Office informed us, according to a telegram received from Interpol Tunisia, which contained the following: ‘They have information that 100 terrorist elements present at the Al-Watiya airbase in Libya, from the Ben Guerdane side, intend to infiltrate Tunisia.’”

The letter added: “It was necessary to circulate the information to you to take necessary measures, each in its own right, and to intensify the search, investigation, information-gathering, monitoring and follow-up operations in coordination among you to thwart any plots hatched to carry out any terrorist operations.”

In his letter, Interior Minister Mazen continued: “Periodic reports are referred to the Counter-Terrorism Prevention Department in the General Department of Security Operations, which is entrusted with the responsibility of following up and monitoring organisations and its elements.”