Nayed Urges Renewed Support by the US for December Presidential Elections With No Procrastination – Al Marsad

Aref Ali Nayed, the Chairman of the Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya) Movement, sent a message this morning to US Envoy and Ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, asking him to clarify the claims made by the Africa Report article that the US had circulated a proposal to France, Britain, Germany and Italy which “would have Libyans commit to a first round of Presidential elections on 24 December, along with Parliamentary elections, and then a second and final round on 15 September 2022.”

(LIBYA, 30 August 2021) – In his message to Ambassador Richard Norland this morning, according to a statement released today by Ihya Libya’s media office, Dr Aref Nayed said that such a position is “completely contrary to the expressed position of the US Government in your various statements and those of the State Department.”

He also stressed that this proposal “violates the UN Security Council Resolutions and the agreed Roadmap” and warned that depriving Libyan citizens of “their right to choose their own President in December” would very likely result in civil strife, and even armed conflict.

Dr Nayed requested the US Government to urgently clarify the allegations published by the Africa Report and “clearly and forcefully reiterates its established and published position: Presidential and Parliamentarian Elections on time on 24 December 2021, with no procrastination on Round II of the Presidential Elections.”



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