Libyan Political Parties and Movements Welcome Issuance of the Election Law for the Head of State – Al Marsad

A joint statement was issued today, Thursday, by 25 national parties and movements congratulating the Libyan people for the issuance of the election law to elect the head of state directly by the people. They described it as a “historic achievement,” saluting all the efforts made by Libyan society and its political organizations, and the international community, in achieving the people’s demand to exercise their right to choose their President, in a historical precedent since the time of independence.

The political parties, blocs and organization welcomed the issuance of the this law, and warned against any party attempting to prevent or obstruct the electoral process, and the consequences that could ensue as a result of any further obstacles in its promulgation.

The joint statement was signed by the Civil Democratic Party, Ihya Libya Movement, National Forces Alliance, Center National Party, Youth Tomorrow Party, Libya For All, National Will Gathering, National Movement for Libya, National Movement for Democratization, December 24 Movement, Libya Elects its President Movement, Derna Women’s Union, Libyan Network for Supporting and Empowering Women, Path for Democratic Transition, Southern Youth Coalition, Supreme Council of Youth in Fezzan, National Organization for Libyan Youth, Al-Raya Organization for Human Rights, Libyan Civil Network, The Higher Council for outh of the Murzuq Basin, National Sovereignty Party, Libyan Democratic Assembly Party, Free National Congress Party, Free National Liberal Party, and the Dignity Party.

The joint statement urged everyone to give priority to the interests of the country, and ensure the electoral process is distinguished by transparency and integrity. They also urged the international community to exert more pressure in expelling all foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya, and called on the interim government to speed up support to the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) and establish the appropriate security conditions for holding elections in all parts of the country and facilitate voting for those living outside the country.

Logos of some of the parties an movements who endorsed the statement.

The 25 national parties and movements called on the Libyan Parliament to expedite the issuance of the election law for the Parliamentary elections, and calling on the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) to take the necessary measures to hold the legislative, presidential and simultaneous elections on the scheduled date on 24 December 2021.

The statement emphasized the need for the Libyan people to actively participate in these elections and to exercise their right to choose their leaders and contribute to their future.



DOCUMENT | Full English Translation of the Election Law for the Head of State Issued by the Libyan Parliament