Awlad Sleiman and Wirfalli Tribal Leaders Support Parliament’s Law for Election of President – Al Marsad

Leaders of the Awlad Sleiman and Wirfalla tribes met yesterday in Harawa, in the Sirte district, in order to pledge that they would contribute positively towards supporting national reconciliation among all Libyan parties.

The leaders of the two tribes issued a joint communiqué and said they welcomed “the issuance of the Election Law recently promulgated by the House of Representatives” and warned that any attempts to manipulate the 24 December elections would be an “utterly rejected coup against the will of the Libyan people in their right to self-determination.”

AlMarsad publishes below the full English translation of the communiqué.

In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Communiqué of the Meeting of the Awlad Sleiman and Wirfalla Tribes

In confirmation of the bonds of the historical relationship between the Awlad Sleiman and Wirfalla Tribes, and in embodiment of the depth of social ties between them in a way that serves the country and enhances the unity of its soil and sovereignty, the two tribes held a gathering in Harawa in the Central Region on Sunday 12 September 2021.

The meeting of the two tribes was organized under the slogan Together for the Homeland. Positivity, love, brotherhood and keenness to consolidate the strong relations between them prevailed during the meeting. The two sides pledged to contribute positively towards supporting national reconciliation among all Libyan parties; drawing inspiration from the national will and the history of fathers and grandfathers who sacrificed their lives in defense of the homeland, and wrote epics of heroism in the history of Libya in defense of honor and dignity. The meeting was held in an atmosphere of cordiality, frankness, tolerance and pride in the honorable history of the two tribes. At the conclusion of the meeting, the following was announced:

First: Affirming the unity and sanctity of the Libyan soil and its indivisibility under any circumstances, and by any means, and whatever the justifications and pretexts.

Second: The need to close ranks in order to restore Libya’s sovereignty, reunify its institutions, and elevate its status among the nations of the world at all levels.

Third: The categorical rejection of foreign interference in all its forms and the emphasis on the evacuation of foreign mercenaries, regardless of their description, from all Libyan lands.

Fourth: The nation will not recover without genuine national reconciliation, free of all impurities. We, hereby, affirm the support of the institutions that sponsor national reconciliation and all efforts made to achieve it. In this context, the two tribes have begun to resolve the bottlenecks between them by forming joint committees from both sides as a basic building block for that.

Fifth: We welcome the releases of some POWs and prisoners, and we affirm the need to release all those who are being incarcerated in their homeland, away from their families and relatives, particularly those who were tried, and sentences were handed down against them.

Sixth: We affirm the necessity of the return of the forcibly displaced inside and outside the country and solving all their problems. In absence of that, there is no way for the homeland to recover and to relieve the distress of its nationals in diaspora.

Seventh: The Libyan social fabric, from the family to the tribe, is the natural component, the haven of values, and the effective tool for the reunification of the nation and its people, and that attention, activation, and support from state institutions is the way to restore the homeland and enhance the freedom of its people.

Eighth: While the gathering welcomes the issuance of the Election Law recently promulgated by the House of Representatives, it affirms that there is no alternative to the rule of law and the establishment of a state of institutions that guarantees rights and nurtures freedoms, which requires the necessity of completing the legislations as a basis for the anticipated political process as soon as possible.

Ninth: Strongly adhering to holding the elections on the stipulated date of 24 December 2021, and categorically rejecting any compromise or manipulation, and considering any desperate attempt in this direction as an utterly rejected coup against the will of the Libyan people in their right to self-determination.

Tenth: The relations between the tribes of Awlad Sleiman and Wirfalla have always been, and will always be, fraternal, throughout the history of Libya, and their resolve will never falter until the homeland regains its avant-garde position among the countries of the world.

May God Save Libya

Issued in Harawa, Libya, on Sunday 12 September 2021