US State Department: We Are Working With Our Partners to Remove All Foreign Forces from Libya – Al Marsad

US State Department regional spokeswoman, Geraldine Griffith, said that Washington is working around the clock with its partners in the international community to find opportunities to remove all foreign forces from Libya.

Geraldine Griffith, in an intervention with the Libya Al-Ahrar channel, which broadcasts from Turkey with Qatari funding, stressed the departure of all mercenaries from Libya was critical, and that the flow of mercenaries and weapons exacerbated the crisis and was not in the interest of the Libyan people.

The US State Department spokeswoman added that there is a possibility to hold the elections on time in December, and that the US was was optimistic about the possibility of achieving this. She pointed to the existence of difficulties such as determining the legal framework, and urged the authorities to move forward towards the 24 December 2021 elections.