UN Security Council Extend UNSMIL Mandate Until End of the Month Until Further Agreement – Al Marsad

The UN Security Council unanimously adopted RES 2595 (2021) to extend UNSMIL’s mandate until 30 September 2021, after Russia objected to extending the mandate for another year. Diplomats said that the technical rollover will give countries opportunity to find common denominator on upcoming complex stage of political process in Libya and to decide on the future role of UNSMIL.

An AFP report, quoting a diplomatic source, said Russia had deadlocked the Security Council over the one-year renewal of the United Nations political mission in Libya.”

The report said that Russia, which has veto power, did not agree with the language of the resolution drafted by the UK on the withdrawal of foreign troops and mercenaries from Libya as well as the role of the UN envoy to the country, according to a diplomat who refused to disclose his identity.

According to the report, the Russian diplomatic mission to the United Nations, refused to comment, citing the ongoing negotiations that revolve around Russia’s vision on any withdrawal of foreign forces to be properly handled, so as not to endanger the balance of power in the country.

On 19 August, during an official visit to Moscow by Libya’s Foreign Minister Najla al-Mangoush, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had fully supported the withdrawal of all foreign forces and military personnel, without exception, from all Libyan territory as detailed by the 5+5 Joint Military Committee.

He had also pointed out that the withdrawal of foreign forces should be gradual and simultaneous, without any bias to any party whatsoever, and not the subject of legitimacy of any party. Furthermore, he had stated at the press conference in Moscow that Russia’s was in full support for the decisions taken within the framework of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission, including the decisions taken at its meeting five days ago, on the necessity of the urgent withdrawal of all foreign military personnel without exception from the territory of Libya.