Al-Dairi: The Islamist Bloc Will Not Be Allowed to Obstruct Presidential Elections in December - Al Marsad

Former Foreign Minister Mohammed Abd al-Aziz al-Dairi said that Egypt is playing an effective role in settling the Libyan crisis and that the Libyans appreciate the wise policies of the political leadership in Egypt because they are aware that Cairo’s goal is to support stability, unity, and sovereignty for Libyans over their lands.

Mohammed al-Dairi, in an interview given to Al Arabiya, explained that Libya has suffered for years from foreign interference that is increasing day by day, until the Libyans felt that they were in a country where decision-making became the property of external parties and forces.

He said that the progress made in Berlin on the Libyan crisis, especially after the ceasefire in 2020, failed due to the presence of external parties controlling the Libyan decision-making. Libyan public opinion demanded, and is still calling, for Presidential elections on time on 24 December 2021 to find new ground to initiate the stabilization process for the country.

He added that there is a real desire from active countries in the Libyan file, particularly Egypt, to get Libya out of its current crisis. However, this desire sometimes collides with the interests of some regional countries involved in the Libyan file, which in turn pressure Libyan parties loyal to it to obstruct the political process.

He continued: “Libyans appreciate the wise policies of the political leadership in Egypt, which recently began with the Cairo Declaration on 6 June 2020, passing through the Red Line (Sirte-Al-Jufra) in July 2020, and we saw Cairo support the cause of stability and help the Libyans get out of the current crisis.”

Former Libyan Foreign Minister, Mohammed al-Dairi, at the UN in 2015.

“Egyptian policies towards Libya are of great interest and appreciation by the people because Libyans are aware that the guiding light of Cairo is to support stability, unite their ranks, and have sovereignty over their lands,” added al-Dairi.

He stressed that the people categorically reject all types and forms of military intervention and presence on Libyan soil, and Libya cannot accept the presence of any foreign military under any name, noting that many Libyan political parties are looking forward, after the presidential and parliamentary elections, to developing new policies that would get Libya out of the crucible of foreign dependence and blatant interference in internal political affairs.

He believes that the Islamist movement and its militias, with foreign support, wish to obstruct the holding of Presidential elections in December, and continue committing crimes as they did in past, saying, “I expect pressure from all of the Libyan people on government sectors to hold the elections on time.”

As for the Muslim Brotherhood, in the political and military developments in the country, he explained that the majority of Libyans rejected what the “fundamentalist party”, that includes the Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction party, had done by imposing the political isolation law by force in 2013, and that its focus was on excluding the Civil Democratic party.

He called on representatives of the international community to continue pressing for the Presidential and Parliamentary elections on 24 December 2021, as stipulated in Security Council Resolution No. 2570 of 16 April 2021, and the decisions of the Berlin Conference on 23 June 2021. He stressed that the Libyan people will not allow the return of the Islamist bloc to dominate the reins of governance in Libya, and said he was following closely what was happening in some Arab countries.

The former Foreign Minister stressed that after the completion of the political process—after the completion of the Presidential and Parliamentary elections—the security process was key with the unification of the military institution and dismantling the armed militias to remove all regular and irregular foreign powers.