Gaddafi al-Dam: We Will Participate in Elections as a Team and We Will Accept the Results – Al Marsad

The political official of the National Struggle Front, Ahmed Gaddafi al-Dam, affirmed last week at a Cairo meeting, which brought together figures and symbols of the regime of former leader Muammar Gaddafi, with member of the Presidential Council (PC) Abdullah al-Lafi, constituted a positive step to open the way for a major reconciliation in Libya.

Ahmed Gaddafi al-Dam, in a recent statement to ERM News, said: “We are looking forward to a major reconciliation that pervades over all of Libya.” He noted that the Cairo meeting confirms that the Libyans always rely on dialogue as a way out of crises.

He also pointed this out in his recent meeting with a member of the Presidential Council, Abdullah al-Lafi, and a number of Libyan figures in Cairo, in which all spectra of supporters of the Al-Fateh revolution participated, in a positive and patriotic spirit.

Gaddafi al-Dam stressed that the Cairo meeting was not attended by any foreign party, adding that the position of the head of the delegation and the Minister of Justice in the Interim Government of National Unity (GNU) was at the level of their national responsibility.

“This dialogue,” he said, “will continue between all the people of Libya who are determined to move forward to raise the banner of peace and prosperity and to provide what is worthy of the homeland.”

He continued: “Libya needs concessions to return to being an oasis of peace, and we agree to apologize to the homeland because it gave us all the good things, and we should not have led the country to where it is right now.”

“After the Geneva conference, everyone is looking forward to positive steps, the abolition of laws that were carried out under the threat of arms, the return of countrymen to their homes, and the release of prisoners,” he added.

In response to a question about participation in the upcoming elections, Gaddafi al-Dam said it was a legitimate right for everyone, and they will participate “as a team and will accept the result, whatever it is, as long as it takes place in an atmosphere of integrity, and it is certain that we agree on a candidate worthy of the stage.”