ICRC: 220,000 Displaced Persons in Libya Unable to Return to their Homes – Al Marsad

Qusai al-Wazani, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Libya, states that 220,000 displaced persons in Libya failed to return to their homes. Only few have succeeded since the ceasefire agreement of October 2020.

In statements to Sky News Arabia, al-Wazani indicated that the returnees found their homes and schools completely or partially destroyed, let alone infrastructure deterioration and inoperative water connectors for example.

When asked about displaced persons who failed to return to their homes, ICRC official clarified that they are struggling to secure their basic daily needs and house rentals after displacement, which is a natural consequence of the economic crisis witnessed by the country. Some of them are civil servants who may spend up to three months without receiving their salaries, and others lost their jobs.

As for the obstacles of returning, al-Wazani points out that explosion risks resulting from remnants of war still threaten the lives of many—causing deaths and injuries, and turned the dream of returning home into a nightmare. In addition, many lost their livelihood, and returnees do not receive any support to fix their homes and secure basic services in areas affected by the conflict.