Germany Supports Efforts to Withdraw Foreign Forces and Hold Elections in December in Libya – Al Marsad

German Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Nils Annen, affirmed that Libya was actively working to regain control of matters.

According to a press statement issued by Nils Annen, he said the proof of Libya’s new resolve was the holding of the Libya Stabilisation Conference, which he said enjoys Germany’s full support. He said the conference stressed the importance of the withdrawal of foreign forces and holding the upcoming elections on schedule.

“What is required now is that the elections be free and fair, which necessitates achieving the required progress in the areas of security and the withdrawal of all foreign forces, and the security sector undergoing a reform process and strict supervision by a unified civil authority,” he added.

The Germany Minister of State for Foreign Affairs also said that the there “must be a comprehensive process to demobilize and disarm armed groups and militias in Libya,” and that Germany was determined to continue supporting Libya in these tasks in cooperation with UNSMIL and international partners.