Social Council of the Wirfalla Tribes: Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in December Are Non-Negotiable – Al Marsad

An urgent meeting which was held in Bani Walid today by the Social Council of the Wirfalla Tribes, said in its statement that the Presidential and Parliamentary elections on 24 December represented a historical turning point for the Libyan people and the Libyan state, and they were non-negotiable.

Following the statements issued yesterday by the Supreme Council of Libyan Tribes in the Central Region, and the Supreme Council of the Tuareg of Libya, a meeting was convened today by the Social Council of the Wirfalla Tribes, which included tribal leaders, notables, dignitaries, youth organizations, civil society institutions, and municipal officials.

The statement said that the Presidential and Parliamentary elections represented the restoration of the trust to the people after ten years of loss. It warned that “holding the elections on time on the 24 December 2021 is an imperative that is non-negotiable, and it cannot be circumvented or resorted to deception and procrastination.”

AlMarsad publishes here a full English translation of the statement:


In this delicate circumstance that Libya is going through, in which it has become the focus of the ambitions of small and large countries, its national will has been confiscated and its sovereignty has been lost, and the blood of its children has been spilled—and after ten leap years, we have lost tens of thousands of our youth, our public funds have been looted and our wealth and natural resources have been wasted; the residents of the city of Bani Walid and the sons of the Wirfalla Tribes, believing in their moral and patriotic duty, and with their sense of national responsibility, have gathered today, Saturday, 6 November 2021, with the Social Council of the Wirfalla Tribes and a group of its notables, the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Bani Walid, the youth organizations in the city, and civil society institutions and the elites, in this social conference.

The participants’ concern is the homeland, their focus is its sovereignty and independence, and their motto is the unity of Libya, people and territory. Bani Walid, which has never failed in its duty towards the homeland, and presented its children on the altar of the freedom and sovereignty of Libya, and distanced itself from every fighting between the Libyans, today and after ten years of chaos and complete washout, and its loss of hope in the successive authorities in the management of the state, and after many initiatives it launched under the leadership of its Social Council, the community of the city gather today in their first social conference to announce the following:

First: The Presidential and Parliamentary general elections that all Libyans are looking forward to, represent a historical turning point in the life of the Libyan people and the Libyan state, and it is the restoration of the trust to the people after ten years of loss. Holding the elections on time on 24 December 2021 is an imperative that is non-negotiable, and it cannot be circumvented or resorted to deception and procrastination. Everyone should realize that the anger of the Libyan people is inevitably coming.

Second: While we call on all Libyans to actively participate in choosing and charting their political future, we remind them of the pivotal role that the elected authorities will assume, as they are not just authorities for governance, but will have a lot on their shoulders regarding the political future of the Libyan state, its form and system; as it is clearly a foundational authority.

Third: We draw the attention of our Libyan people to the catastrophic results that we have endured during an entire decade, as a result of our bad choices, our failure to perform our role and fulfil our duties, and even the neglect of our rights, until we were led by foreign ambassadors, consuls and their local agents. We hope that we will all learn from the lessons of the past and head with hearts full of faith, resolving to nominate only and give our votes to patriotic personalities who are distinguished by their credibility, knowledge, prestige, sincerity, and honesty.

Fourth: We call on all Libyans, led by the active forces, to choose a national figure, rally around him, and push him to run in the presidential elections, a figure who did not contribute to the sale of the country, nor its destruction, nor its looting, nor its subjugation to foreigners; a figure who grew out of the soil of this land, and his loyalty is only to the sons of the homeland after God Almighty. We call on the national forces that reject the desecration of Libyan lands to meet and consult on the upcoming entitlements.

Fifthly: The members of the Wirfalla tribes, as they follow the Libyan scene, are saddened by what they see as an unacceptable insistence of those at the forefront of public work in Libya to marginalize and exclude them at a time when they notice every day the granting of promotions and honoring the individuals who attacked the city of Bani Walid in a brutal precedent that human history will not forget, when they invaded the city and killed its children, women and elders. Today, they are honored and rewarded with the highest political and military positions in the country. The people of Bani Walid do not accept the policy of double standards; national reconciliation will not be achieved unless the criminals are brought before a just judiciary, and stability will be out of reach if justice is not established.

Sixth: We call upon all Libyan officials and decision-makers to uphold the values of loyalty and belonging to the homeland, and to put an end to blatant interference in the affairs of our country by ambassadors and the UN mission. They must draw red lines that cannot be crossed when it comes to Libya’s sovereignty, independence and national decision. They should also refrain completely from the practices they have committed against the homeland, such as submitting to foreigners and neo-colonial forces.

Seventh: The people of Bani Walid and all the tribes of Wirfalla are determined to participate actively and positively in all the entitlements that will achieve the stability of the country and expedite the establishment of the state, declaring their adherence to the Social Council of the Wirfalla Tribes as their sole legitimate representative, and in partnership with all patriotic Libyans from all Libyan components throughout the country.

Issued in Bani Walid on Saturday 6 November 2021.