Statement by People of Zawiya: We Will Not Recognise the GNU and Other Bodies After 24 December – Al Marsad

A communiqué was issued on Saturday evening by the people of Zawiya in Western Libya on the upcoming elections on 24 December 2021, warning that they will not recognize any of the bodies that are now in power after this date since they will be considered as illegitimate and as usurpers of power in the country—whether it is the House of Representatives, the State High Council, the Interim Government of National Unity, or the Interim Presidential Council.

The statement also warned “all conspirators and war merchants” who wish to postpone the December elections, and that the people of Zawiya will resist any such “malicious attempts by all available means”.

AlMarsad publishes here the English translation of the full text of the statement:

Communiqué by the People of Al-Zawiya City, Western Libya
on the Upcoming 24 December 2021 Elections

In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

At a time when all the Libyan people are looking forward to 24 December, the historic day of national entitlement, which the Libyans have long awaited, after going through years of suffering, division, civil strife and wars, the day has come when the Libyan people will say their word and choose their legitimate representatives to lead the country to safe shores, a new phase in Libya’s history in which dignity and sovereignty of the nation will be restored. This is a nation that has suffered continuous ordeals and hardships, and the people of Al-Zawiya City, as they cling to this historical entitlement with absolute resolve, hereby affirm the following:

(1) That there is no turning back from achieving and implementing the elections on their scheduled date, which is 24 December, 2021 as stipulated in all the concluded international agreements, starting from the UN-sponsored LPDF Roadmap and ending with UN-brokered Political Dialogue in Tunis and Geneva, as well as international conferences.

(2) We hold all the incumbent authorities in the Libyan state fully responsible for any delay or postponement of this entitlement.

(3) We hold the international community, led by the United Nations, fully responsible for respecting its pledges to the Libyan people to hold general elections in Libya on their scheduled date.

(4) We, hereby, declare that we will not recognize any of the bodies that are now in power after the date of 24 December since they will be considered, by all Libyans, as illegitimate and usurping power in the country, regardless of their types, whether it is the House of Representatives, the State High Council, the Interim Government of National Unity, or the Interim Presidential Council.

(5) We warn all conspirators and war merchants who are seeking, by all means, to postpone the holding of these elections on their specified date that the people of the city of Zawiya will not stand idly by vis-à-vis their conspiracy and will resist these malicious attempts by all available means.

(6) We call on all political stakeholders in Libya to respect the outputs of the elections, regardless of their results, in application of the principles of democracy for which the 17 February revolution came, and out of respect for the souls of the martyrs who fell in defense of it. As we disseminate this Communiqué, we affirm that Libya is united and that its people are united, from North to South and from East to West, warning everyone who is tempted to compromise the unity of this country, its territory, and its people; and that the response will be severe and violent for anyone who tries to tear this country apart, whoever he is, and regardless of his supporters. We also call on all countries interfering in Libyan affairs to raise their hands and leave us to decide our self-determination in the upcoming elections and build our aspired State. We also urge all the Libyan people, in all their components, to flock to the polls with all seriousness and patriotism to participate in this grand electoral event so that the world can see that we are a people who deserve life on their land and under their skies and that we are worthy of freedom and sovereignty over our land.

Long Live Free Libya

Glory and Eternity to Our Martyrs

Peace, Mercy and Blessings of God

Released on Saturday 6 November, 2021