Salwa Eldaghili: International Support for Election Is Not Enough, Must Punish Whoever Delays Elections – Al Marsad

Former United Nations representative and member of Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), Salwa Eldaghili, said that the French stance on Libyan elections has not changed and was exactly like that of other states involved in Libya’s situation—all of which fully support the holding of elections on 24 December. She said, however, that it was necessary for people-based legitimacy via elections despite all the existing challenges, and announcing support for elections was not enough.

In statements made on Sunday to Egypt’s Al-Dustour newspaper, Salwa Eldaghili explained that “such support must be complemented with procedures punishing whoever delays the elections, in order to change the scene and achieve the required stability. This will make the new authorities that will be elected, capable of deciding on the issue of mercenaries and foreign fighters in Libya and removing them altogether.”

She said that Egypt’s strong stance on refusing the presence of any foreign bases in Libya, announcing the ceasefire and Cairo initiative, were with the interest of seeking stability in Libya, which will only be achieved through an elected authority that renews legitimacy and ends institutional fragmentation.