Ihya Libya Launches its Political Party in the Capital Tripoli – Al Marsad

Ihya Libya Party was launched by Dr Aref Nayed at the Bab al-Bahr Hotel in the capital city of Tripoli last Thursday.

Dr Aref Nayed, chairman of the Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya) Party said during his speech: “It is with great honor that today we launch the Ihya Libya Party, and it marks also the launch of the Ihya Libya Movement, a movement based on coalitions, organizations, associations, unions and expert and technocratic individuals.”

He continued: “To all Libyan youths, this movement is our source of pride, for it does not adopt an individual view, but a collective view from all Libyan youths, an integrated team serving their country for years through symposia and forums at the Libya Institute for Advanced Studies. They succeeded in developing an integrated vision for Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya). Ihya Libya’s vision seeks a prestigious and glorious Libya based on four pillars: serene, thriving, compassionate and clean Libya; serene with its security and safety, with its army and police, with its border guards and transparent judiciary. It aims at a country where citizens feel safe for themselves, their families, their property and livelihood. Ihya Libya will be thriving, innovative and smart with the help of its youth, the youth who serve their country through small and medium enterprises, who have opportunities to shine, to build families, and create new horizons, our one and only prosperous Libya.”

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“Libya will be compassionate with its forgiveness, through true reconciliation which is based on satisfaction, satisfaction that is only achieved through damage reparation, fixing relations and true national reconciliation; clean with Libya being free of corruption, diseases, pollution, envy, deceit, and hatred. A Libya with clean hearts.”

“These four pillars are the bases of Reviving Libya. They depend on Libyan individuals and citizens, who serve each other, and are served by their government, President and Prime Minister. Public service is when a state serves its citizens and their humanity. Together, we can build a humane glorious Libya through Ihya Libya and your votes on 24 December, not only for Presidency, but also for the Parliament. We are honored to have youth in the Parliamentary elections. We support all of them, and we are waiting for your votes.”

During the launching ceremony, a video was presented to showcase the four pillars on which the Ihya Libya vision is based:

  1. Serene Libya: Achieving peace, security, and rule of law to ensure life without fear for Libyans, and to provide all the necessary services. A serene, secure, unified, prestigious and just Libya.
  2. Thriving Libya: Achieving prosperous economic development through diversifying the economy; establishing a thriving private sector and an infrastructure for Libyan productive, innovative, and smart youth; and enhancing human resources.
  3. Compassionate Libya: Human capacity building, removing obstacles, and educating the youth to become future leaders. A compassionate, forgiving, cohesive, cooperating and happy Libya.
  4. Clean Libya: Applying good governance and fixing the public sector. A clean Libya through a government that provides services for everyone efficiently, transparently and accountably. A clean Libya that is free of corruption, pollution or diseases.

At the launching the Ihya Libya Party, the basic fundamentals aims of the party were stated as follows:

  • Devotion to authenticity and pride in our culture protecting a common identity.
  • Openness and building regional and international cooperation that ensure national sovereignty.
  • Protection of human rights in light of an integrated and compassionate society.
  • Empowerment of women and enhancing their capacities and participation.
  • Empowerment of youth, their education, health care provision and job creation.
  • Integration of fighters in society and labour market.
  • Provision of job opportunities to people with disabilities.
  • Development of science and technology, supporting innovation and enhancing human resources.
  • Development of the public sector.

Ali Hamouda, the Vice Chairman of Ihya Libya Movement said in the ceremony that their movement aims at boosting hope in a prestigious, glorious, serene and thriving Libya. He highlighted the four pillars of the vision which were created by Libyan cadres and youth, came he said from Libyans who strive to show their nation’s roots and authenticity, the branches of which reach the Arabian, Mediterranean and African regions.

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He added, “Our vision protects Libya’s unity and the heritage of our successors throughout the eras of our long history. It seeks achieving equality in opportunities among its citizens. Our vision gives specific attention for families and individuals, the nucleus of our society, to harness the energy and treasures of the state to serve Libyans. It strives for justice and equality without any forms of discrimination, for empowering women’s role and participation in politics, for ensuring migrants return and protecting their dignity, for setting detainees free, and for coordinating events among the society to reach a true societal reconciliation. Today, we announce the launch of the Ihya Libya Party and Movement. Today, we are full of hope that our country will become safe, secure and stable for Libyans to live in peace.”

Fathiya Hamid, the women’s representative of the party, underlined the significance of women’s roles in the Ihya Libya party. She affirmed that the movement fully supports women’s rights through equitable political rights, equality, men and women empowerment in civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights so that women take up leadership positions at all levels of decision-making, be it in ministries, agencies or services. All of this, she said, creates balance in leadership bodies and elected entities of Libya.

Ihya Libya’s youth representative, Ahmed al-Magdoubi, stated in the speech he delivered at the ceremony: “At a time when our country falls as a victim of international and regional political scramble, the effects of which destroyed the internal reality, our youth lost hope, the human and financial development wheel stopped rotating, which destroyed our future and killed our dreams. It was necessary to detach our fate from abusers. The youth had to move from fights and wars to business incubators, and from the back of the lines to leadership and administrative positions. Now it is the time to build humans and their behaviour and relations. Prosperity must be our outcome, enough destruction, ‘Yes to revival, to Libya’s revival.’”