Aref Nayed Officially Submits His Candidacy Documents to HNEC for the Presidential Elections – Al Marsad

Dr Aref Nayed, Chairman of the Ihya Libya Party submitted his documents today, Wednesday, to officially declare his candidacy to run for the Presidential elections scheduled for 24 December at the headquarters of the Election Commission (HNEC) in Benghazi.

In a statement he gave to the press after submitting his candidacy documents at the HNEC offices in Benghazi, he said: “It is a great honor to run for the Libyan elections and to submit my official documents to HNEC. My name is Aref Ali Ahmed Nayed, I am an engineer, professor and ex-ambassador.”

“I submitted a complete file and I would like to express my gratitude for HNEC for its preparedness and efforts, especially to all volunteering youth.”

He continued, “I would like to specially thank the youth in Ihya Libya for their concerted efforts in preparing this file, as well as all who helped us in obtaining the supporting signatures . May God grant all Presidential and Parliamentary election candidates the best of luck for the elections, which are a long-awaited dream for Libyans. May God protect Libya and keep it safe and secure.”