Tripoli Appeals Court Annuls Dbaiba’s Candidacy for Presidential Elections – Al Marsad

The Tripoli Appeals Court has annulled the decision to accept the candidacy of the Prime Minister of the interim Government of National Unity (GNU), Abdul Hamid Dbaiba, to run in the upcoming Presidential elections on 24 December.

According to what was reported by AlMarsad, the court accepted two appeals against Dbaiba’s candidacy, the first of which was submitted, respectively, by the Presidential candidates Aref Ali Nayed, Othman Abdel-Jalil, Mohamed al-Muntasser, members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) Ahmed al-Sharkasi and Sayyida al-Yaqoubi, and voter Al-Mahdi Abdul-Ati.

The second appeal, which received the same acceptance and decision, was submitted by the Presidential candidate and former Minister of Interior in the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fathi Bashagha.

AlMarsad obtained a copy of the first appeal submitted by the six, which was based on Dbaiba’s violation of the Presidential elections law and his failure to adhere to the condition of its Article 12.

The first appeal document indicated that Dbaiba and his government was the product of a Roadmap that produced a government to secure and support the elections and not run in them. Furthermore, it argued that Dbaiba had siged in his own handwriting, two binding pledges to the United Nations, the Libyan people and and the LPDF that he would not run.

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According to the appeal, the Islamic Sharia clearly stipulated respecting pledges, while the Roadmap stipulated that members of the government should not run for elections, and violating them opens the door to sedition and threatens the peace process. The first also indicated that Dbaiba did not recognize the withdrawal of confidence by the Libyan Parliament, and instead went on to announce to a crowd in Martyrs Square in Tripoli his rejection of the decision, considering it illegal, and continued his duties as Prime Minister.

It added that the decision to withdraw confidence was issued on 20 October 2021, and Dbaiba continued to practice his work normally before, during, and after. He also formed a committee to support the elections headed by Walid al-Lafi and asking it to provide him with everything new about the election that would contradict his candidacy.