After Moscow, Nayed Discusses With US Envoy Ways for Security Council to Support Transparent elections – Al Marsad

After his recent high-level meetings in Moscow, Libyan Presidential Candidate and Chairman of Ihya Libya Party spoke today with US Ambassador and Special Envoy Richard Norland on the latest developments in Libya, particularly the judicial and political processes related to upcoming Presidential Elections on 24 December 2021).

According to the media office of the Ihya Libya Party, US Ambassador and Special Envoy Richard Norland stressed US support for allowing the Libyan-led process to unfold peacefully.

Norland also stressed that he was looking forward to more debates between candidates as the campaign unfolds.

Nayed on his part stressed the importance of supporting the efforts of the 5+5 Joint Military Committee, and continued UN Security Council commitments towards peaceful, transparent, and timely Elections, and ensuring respect for their results.