Al-Koni: Kubiš Must Stay in His Position to Help Solve Libyan Crisis – Al Marsad

Presidential Council member, Musa al-Koni, said it was important to proceed with the presidential and parliamentary elections on the 24 December as scheduled.

According to a press release by the Presidential Council during a meeting with Ján Kubiš, who recently resigned as UN envoy, Al-Koni stressed the significance of working on facilitating obstacles for election candidates, so that the process runs impartially and transparently to ensure the rights of everyone.

He commended UNSMIL’s efforts in supporting the Libyan political process, as well as the Presidential Council efforts in implementing the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF)’s Roadmap. He said it was important to keep Kubiš in his position to support the efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis, while highlighting as well the EU decision on sending observers to monitor the elections.

He added that this would increase the success of the historic national elections. He commended the 5+5 Joint Military Committee efforts to remove foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya, especially in the light of the ongoing discussions with neighboring countries on coordinating this file.

Kubiš provided al-Koni with an overview of his latest report to the UN Security Council, whose members are supporting holding the elections as scheduled to achieve the aspirations of the Libyan people on moving beyond the transitional phase and push Libya on a path to lasting peace and stability. He said the UN Security Council supports the 5+5 Joint Military Committee to implement a gradual and simultaneous withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign forces.