Al-Arabi al-Wirfalli: The Unification of the Military Will be Opposed by Ideological Groups - Al Marsad

The Parliamentary candidate, Al-Arabi al-Wirfalli, said the unification of the military institution may be rejected by the ideological elements, because they are fundamentally opposed to regular armies.

Al-Arabi al-Wirfalli indicated in a statement to Al-Ain News that the second obstacle facing the unification of the military institution was the presence of foreign forces and mercenaries in the west of Libyan. He said they were brought in earlier to reinforce the ranks of the militias during the army confrontations with extremist organizations.

The third obstacle, said al-Wirfalli, was in the disparity in ranks obtained by officers from the western region during the various of successive governments, and which must be reconsidered in accordance with military laws of the country.

He explained that the General Command of the Libyan National Army (LNA) had a complete vision of how to unify the military institution.