Ihya Libya Party Submits Proposal to Transfer Executive Powers to Judiciary and Hold Elections on Time – Al Marsad

The Ihya Libya Party, headed by Presidential candidate Aref Nayed, issued a proposal today to transfer executive powers to the judiciary, in order to prevent an executive vacuum in the Libyan state on 24 December, and to ensure that Presidential elections are held on time.

The statement issued by the Ihya Libya Party explained that the goal of its proposal is to immediately prevent the apparent conflict of interests and the accompanying corruption, looting, waste, forgery and fraud.

It therefore proposes to the Libyan Parliament, the institutional, political, and military actors in all parts of Libya, as well as to the United Nations Security Council, and the international community, the following seven points:

  1. Confirmation that the Presidential elections will be held on time (24 December 2021), even if to let this date be a date for the beginning of the electoral campaign period, or for the publication of the final list of candidates, if it is not issued before this date.
  2. Confirmation that the term of the Presidential Council and its government (the Government of National Unity) will expire on 23 December 2021 at midnight, according to Parliament’s decisions in the confidence-giving session and the confidence-withdrawal session, as well as in accordance with written, video and audio pledges and assurances by members of the Presidential Council and the Prime Minister, as well as in accordance with the welcome statements of the session of granting confidence by the United Nations Security Council, and other international statements.
  3. Transferring all the executive powers held by the Presidential Council and the care-taker authority held by the current government to the Supreme Judicial Council, with its new presidency and new structure under Law No. 11 of 2021, and the last meeting of the Council on 14 December 2021, provided that the decisions of the Council are unanimously made by all its members.
  4. Suspending the work of the Prime Minister, his deputies, all ministers and state ministers, and them conducting governance through the Deputy Ministers only, as well as stopping the work of all those loyal to the Prime Minister in order to prevent the continuation of conflict-of-interests and the use of state tools to enter or sabotage the elections.
  5. Stopping the actions of the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya in using the funds of the Libyan people, so that disbursement is limited to salaries, basic necessities, and support for the elections.
  6. Urging the High National Election Commission (HNEC) to expedite the finalization of the final list of candidates and to issue it as soon as possible, no later than 24 December 2021, in any case, and urging it to expedite all procedures necessary for holding the elections on time.
  7. Authorizing the military, police and security forces in Tripoli to enable the Supreme Judicial Council to take over the reins of power, as well as all locations of the executive, just before 24 December 2021, to prevent any executive vacuum in the Libyan state.

The Ihya Libya Party called on Libyan national political and societal forces to support the proposal and that it welcomes coordination on the initiative.