Parents Print Textbook At Their Own Expense After the GNU Fails to Print Them – Al Marsad

A new burden has been added onto the shoulders of parents of students of various educational levels in the absence of school textbooks, which is absent from the students’ bags for the first time in many years.

With the advent of the semester, books and educational curricula were absent, so although they were ready and prepared, the government failed to print and provide them, prompting parents to search for alternative ways.

This included publishing curriculum books in the form of electronic PDF files so that parents and teachers can print copies at their own expense. Printing one book can cost on average no less than 50 LYD.

The government had allocated more than 2 billion LYD to increase the salaries of teachers, but the curricula materials and textbooks did not materialise from them leaving nothing to students, raising big question marks as a result.

An official at the Centre for Educational Curricula said that disputes and struggle over commissions in the corridors of the government thwarted the process of assigning a company to print school textbooks necessary for the curriculum and distribute it free of charge to students.

This same official revealed that the cCentre was stripped of all its powers, and which were transferred to the Ministry of Education, as conflicts erupted between the centres of power in the government over commissions.

The official said that the problem was not scarcity or lack of funds, because the relevant authorities had obtained their alloted budgets in the billions, but the problem was the struggle over commissions and the assignment of companies close to the Prime Ministry, especially people such as Adel Jumaa, Ibrahim al-Dbaiba, and others.

In a related issue, an official source at the Public Prosecutor’s Office revealed to AlMarsad that the matter is being investigated until its circumstances are revealed and the truth of what happened is established.