Ihya Libya party Issues a Revised Proposal to Amend the Executive Authority to Complete the Election Process – Al Marsad

The Ihya Libya Party issued a second version of its proposal to amend the executive authority in order to complete the electoral process and ensure that elections take place and there is no interim power vacuum. The first proposal was issued on 16 December by they Ihya Libya Party.

This second edition was issued on 20 December after consultations and coordination with Libyan political and civil society organisations, and in light of the confusion over the Supreme Judicial Council. The current enumerates six important points.

AlMarsad publishes here the full English version of the second proposal:

An Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya) Proposal for Amending the Executive Authority,
to Complete the Electoral Process (Second Edition)

Further to the First Edition of our Proposal (issued on 16 December 2021), and considering the fruitful discussions that took place with a wide range of Libyan political and civil society actors, on several platforms and with several coordination groups, and considering the conflict over the Supreme Judicial Council, Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya) proposes the following:

1) Insisting on holding the Presidential Elections, and launching their final stage, starting on 24 December, by issuing the final list of candidates, and commencing the electoral campaigning stage for them.

2) Shifting the time arrangements by a difference of only 17 days, which is the difference between 7 December, the original date for announcing the list of candidates, and 24 December.

3) The term of the Presidential Council and the Government of National Unity expires on 24 December 2021, according to the relevant Parliamentarian Decrees, and according to the pledges of members of the Presidential Council and the Prime Minister (who resigned by virtue of his candidacy).

4) His Excellency the Acting Prime Minister (Mr. Ramadan Boujnah) will continue to run the government’s day-to-day care-taker functions, provided that sovereign decisions are jointly-signed with the Deputy (Mr. Hussein Al-Qatrani), and provided that all conflicts-of-interests caused by the candidacy of the Prime Minister (who resigned by virtue of his candidacy) be immediately halted, by urgently taking the following actions:

  • Changing the Minister of Interior, and appointing a minister who enjoys the support of the operative military and security forces in the capital, Tripoli, so that Minister of Interior can establish security and safety, and protect the elections from the interference of one of the candidates at the expense of the other candidates.
  • The dismissal of all state ministers, in order to prevent the continuation of conflicts of interests and the use of state tools to enter or sabotage the elections.
  • Handing over the state’s media functions, with all their tools to an independent and impartial national committee, so that it is not used in the service of a particular candidate at the expense of others.

5) Stopping any attempts at delaying the Elections through the formation of new dialogue bodies, a new government, or a new Roadmap.

6) Stopping the actions of the Central Governor of Libya utilizing the funds of the Libyan people, so that disbursements are limited to only salaries, life necessities, and support for elections.

The only way out of the dark tunnel in which Libya has struggled for a painful decade is holding Presidential and Parliamentary Elections on time, without any conflicts-of-interests, fraud, forgery, procrastination or postponement.

We ask all political and societal actors to be alert to what is being plotted against our nation, and to resort to popular means to protect the timely holding of Elections, in order to preserve the will of the Libyan people—the only source of the renewal of legitimacy.

Long live Libya, safe and peaceful.

With God’s grace.

Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya) Party
20 December 2021