Al-Farsi: Closure of Oil Fields is a Protest and Tribal Awakening Against Dbaiba’s Policies – Al Marsad

Libyan political scientist Youssef al-Farsi said that the oil closure was a protest and a tribal awakening against the policies of the outgoing caretaker prime minister, Abdel Hamid Dbaiba, who deliberately drained the country’s resources and neglected the eastern region, which produces about 90% of the state’s production.

Al-Farsi, in a statement to Al-Ain News, said that Dbaiba had created a large gap between the Central Bank in Tripoli and the Eastern Province, and was trying, in cooperation with the Siddik al-Kabir, to return the country to division in order to remain in power in the areas that are still under his control.

He noted that Dbaiba fought against the unification of the Central Bank in order to control oil revenues from oil fields that are secured by the army, which protects most of the Libyan oil regions—and where not a single case of sabotage was recorded.

He pointed out that the GNU’s Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil, Refaat Al-Abbar, tried in coordination with the Attorney General and the Central Bank, for an equitable distribution of wealth on the basis of his position, but he was vigorously fought by parties in Tripoli. Al-Farsi said this is why some found only a way to escalate was to block the oil exports after the door to dialogue was blocked by the authorities.