Bashagha: I Was Surprised by an Article Attributed to Me by the British Newspaper The Times – Al Marsad

The Parliament-designated Prime Minister, Fathi Bashagha, said today, Wednesday, that he was surprised by an article published by the The Times newspaper and attributed to him, and called for an investigation into the issue. 

Fathi Bashagha, in a tweet on his official account Twitter account wrote: “I was surprised by an article attributed to me published in the English newspaper The Times.”

He added, “I hope this established and respected newspaper investigates with accuracy to avoid being involved in publishing false articles.”

The Times had published an OpEd which it attributed to Fathi Bashagha , which called for a a partnership between his government and the UK to remove Wagner from Libya and also to confront Russian aggression in Africa. In the Op Ed he said that Libya has largest proven oil reserves in Africa, and that his government could help the world to ween off from Russian oil. “Libyan oil and gas can help to make up the global shortfall and help bring down the prices of fuel in Britain,” said Bashagha.

Bashagha Wants to Partner with UK to Resist Russia in Libya and Africa