Operation IRINI: Turkey Refused a Request to Inspect a Suspicious Vessel Bound for Misrata - Al Marsad

EU’s Operation IRINI announced on Friday that Turkey had refused to accept a request to inspect the MSKosovak vessel bound for the port of Misrata, as part of its mission to implement the UN Arms Embargo on Libya.

The European Union Naval Force Mediterranean Operation IRINI announced on Friday that Turkey denied the request on Thursday 19 May to inspect a Turkish state-owned ship, the MVKosovak, as part of IRINI’s mission to implement the UN arms embargo on Libya. The MVKosovak container ship was bound for the port of Misrata in Libya from Istanbul.

IRINI reiterated the UN Security Council’s call to all UN members to cooperate with the inspections, in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution No. 2292 on the arms embargo in Libya, adding: “We regret the recurrence of the incident.”

IRINI indicated that the MVKosovak ship (IMO 9211157) is a container ship built in 1999 at the shipyard in Gdansk, Poland, and is currently sailing under the Turkish flag. It previously adopted the names “Kosova”, “Stadt Schwerin”, “Melfi Halifax” and “Msc Ireland” and “Jork Venture”, with a total tonnage of 14,241 tons, and a submersible that reaches 7.9 meters with a maximum of 10.2 meters.


According to the route-tracking website Vessel Finder, the container ship stopped the transponder at 10:59 pm on Thursday, while sailing over Greek waters, and its specified course was Misrata, western Libya, where it is supposed to arrive on Friday morning at approximately 06:00 am.


This is the seventh time that Turkey refuses inspection of its suspected vessels by Operation IRINI.